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05:47pm 18/07/2006
  I got a new Lj add me if u wish
Hurt cant describe me   
05:28pm 20/04/2006
mood: crushed
Im a little at the breaking point right now.Im so behind in my school work cuz I had to miss half the day Tuesday cuz I had to go to teh drs cuz my hair is falling out.Uhm then yesterday I stayed home sick cuz I got that I couldnt stop throwing up thing Tuesday night.So I went to the drs and they gave me Zofran the stuff that control the center functions of ur brain to not send that message.They want me to go see a Gastronialentrolitous *spelling idk*...want me to mark when this has happened in the past and now for the future.But im not upset cuz of that I mean I am i'd like to have my hair but something happened today that made me sick to my stomach emotionally.Im so fucking pissed at my best friend.Idk if I can even call her that anymore.She's seeing well she is friend with benefits with this guy.Now this guy tried to light my friends hair on fire, left bruises on me and is best friends with her friend.She thinks shes not hurting her friend but going no farther than kissin rob.But im sure knowing her friend hes hurt. She says she wont date him for that reason.She asked me if id support her decision to be with him and I said I would but I wouldnt like it and she asked me y.He's a chronic liar....he smokes...he drinks...hes homeless and living with friends...he doesnt have a job...and she was supposedly changing her ways for better guys???? She said I was usually right and she valued me telling her and warning her and then guess wut?!?!?!HE COMES UP TO ME IN CHEM AND IS LIKE DID I DO SOMETHING?? IM LIKE NO....HES LIKE DOES UR BF HATE ME....IM LIKE NO...HES LIKE WELL IF I DID ANYTHING IM SORRY CUZ SHE SAYS U DONT WANT ME HANGING OUT WITH HER.HOW DO U FUCKING GO AND PLAY UR BEST FRIEND LIKE THAT????Plus my mom got 10 stiches in her leg cuz of Alan she was gonna move to Florida with her friend Tony in July but b4 then get an apartment with him there and save money.But apparently she says they're trying to work things out. AFTER ALL THE FUCKING BULLSHIT SHE PUT US THROUGH THIS PAST WEEK AND A HALF I CANT STAND HER. My aunt had to eat a 300 dollar plane ticket cuz she checked herself into rehab the day before her plane left.Caused me to worry and get this sickness shit riled up....and now shes fucknig trying to work things out. Hes taking the day off so he can get her to the place to get her medicine to control her drinking.WELL GUESS WUT ITS ANOTEHR EXCUSE NOT TO WORK AND NOT PAY HIS HALF OF THE BILLS AND WHEN THE MONEY IS ALL OVER HE'LL BE GONE FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!I fucking hate life....I wanna die
Crap...Too much to do!   
03:05pm 09/10/2005
mood: drained
Well I havent written in awhile but many ppl hate me and I dont give a shit.
It's been a lil voer 3 months and my mom still isnt dead.
I havent talked to her in a month but she's in the hospital getting dialysis on her kidneys.
Sparkles died :(
I had a boyfriend for a day.
Many reasons y that didnt work.But I wont get into it here.
Im thinking I really need a therapist,counselor,psychiatrist,psychologist,and some lovely happy pills.
Then my life would turn around some.
I got my schedule changed.I have alot less drama.Hooray!
I made cookies for Steffy...gave them to her at work and got a Dunkachino with whip cream yum!
4 day weekend thank god.
I should clean my room but I really don't want to.
I miss my guard friends. I hope they do well in Maryland.
I went for the interview at Hot Topic and didn't get the job.Oh well.
I have 97 songs on Limewire I cant get off b/c my fuck d drive is burned out.
A year old computer and its already fucking up!Technology sucks.
I colored my hair with heavy highlights...I dont like it,I wanted it all black.Oh well.
So tired and I havent done anything lately,I think its the weather,and maybe depression rearing up again.
My dad things I have SAD (Seasonal Affective disorder) I dont know w/e
Im done for now....think Im starting a new journal that no one knows.
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*Rubs Tummy* Glucose....   
02:12pm 23/06/2005
mood: okay
I think I passed Math no sweat....I maybe barely passed Global....I fell asleep during my Bio one but I think I did ok....Health was easy and now Im done.Went to get my cavity filled and was very happy to find out they could give me gas instead of novacane....but as they were drillin they got down rlly far and the next thing I know she rips the mask off my face tells me to take huge breaths to come around and asks me for my dads work number.So I give it to her and she comes back to tell me I may need a root canal cuz my root in my tooth is decayin....well duh wtf do u expect when that cavity wasnt filled properly and u don't schedule me for two months after the fact and I cant just stop eating and drinking....she's like does it bother you Im like no....shes like im suprised.So I have a temporary filling in it which is suppose to help heal my nerve but if it doesnt I have to get a root canal.Great a black fucking tooth plus all the pain.She also told me I'd have to have novacane when they do it too and Im like ok then u can explain to my parents y I died then cuz I am wicked deathly allergic.So Im hopin this works.She told me the second I get pain I have to come in but for now I dont have to be in for another MONTH....yeah big emergency...Haha then she goes do u play sports im like a lil volleyball a lil swimming she goes well until u get this fixed dont get ur blood pressure up cuz it will make ur tooth kill I was like thanks but no thanks.Yesterday was a year ago I had my knee surgery and that whole summer was taken from me and cuz of a god damn tooth they delayed too long Im not letting it ruin this sumemr either.Maybe I'll see if they can put me all the way under when they do it cuz I really can't be awake and that way I can avoid novacane. But anyways Ben leaves for two weeks Sunday and we're going grocery shoppin Saturday.I get my permit tomorrow morning.Yeah all fun....Im going for now....Gotta shave my legs....Byes!
New Layout   
12:02am 21/10/2004
mood: sleepy
Hey all!I have a new layout.Like it?The icon reminded me of Macie when he was a baby and then my b/g is a pic of him now.I am extremely awake but getting sleepy.It sucks I get so stressed that when Im laying there thinking about putting the phone downstairs I fall asleep from 4:00 to 7:00.Now I can't go to sleep cuz I am wide awake.Im doing everything.I ate a lil something......I drew and colored.I did a new layout. It sucks too cuz I have to get up for school tommorow and swim.Oh joy!I am making this a Friends Only journal.I have alot of ppl added that can look but if you want to be added you need to comment!Night 4 now!
*^*Smiling Proud*^*

Hey First Entry!   
11:52am 05/07/2004

Hey!This is the very first entry.Just a ::WARNING:: I am going to say what I want and no one is going to stop me!My old journal I had upgraded to like 2 years ago but now it's time for a change and I thought I would get super smart and learn to do this!So if you want to know more about me and my life go to www.ujournal.org/users/Jacquie_lynne/. Alright well I am going to go and get ready to go shopping at the mall with Railroad and Sarah Infantino. Comment if you wish!

*^Cute Fairy^*